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Community Area


This area aims at strengthening the gender perspective at an institutional level seeking, from the systematization of knowledge in the area, to provide advice, generate activities and instances of sensitivity and reflection with all the projects that are part of it.


The group "Women at Work" is promoted through different meeting and exchange initiatives with the women of the neighbourhood. Materials are provided which generate reflection and discussion regarding gender, diversity, sexuality, feminism, among other issues, enabling spaces for problematization and exchange with the institution´s employees.


It offers a space for guidance on gender and sexuality, with information on sexual and reproductive health available to adolescents and adults that are part of the different projects. Exchange proposals and workshops are generated with children and adolescents who attend the Oebb's socio-educational projects, working together with the teams for their planning and development.

Environment and Sustainability

This area deals with the care of the environment, seeking actions from a comprehensive environmental education project with the practices and methodologies implemented by the Borro Neighbourhood Ecumenical Work and the Casavalle community. The objective is to consolidate the institution as an educational-community reference centre in environmental education and sustainable practices. It seeks to strengthen the pedagogical and socio-community proposal of the institution's projects around environmental and sustainable practices. It works with the classification of waste, energy efficiency, care of resources, implementation of an urban community vegetable garden, among other issues related to the topic.

Community Recreation

This area intends to support the Oebb projects, providing a playful-recreational perspective, generating spaces that promote encounters with the community through play. Work is also being done to form a group of young volunteers who join the area and contribute to the work of the institution.

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