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During 2020, the Oebb's socio-educational proposals were supported by three financing modalities.

Over the years the Oebb has made alliances with State agencies (INAU and MIDES), which allowed, in 2020, to continue with the Kids Club, Youth Centre and “SOCAT” programs.

Moreover, the foundation has international technical cooperation agreements with institutions in Germany and Italy, which made it possible to support the Environment, Gender and Inclusion programs.

Finally, since 2018 the foundation has been included in the sections of special donations of Title 4 of the Ordered Text (which rules the Income Tax on Economic Activities “IRAE”). Through this instrument, various private collaborations and after hard work, it started diversifying funds.



All the agreements signed have the guarantee of containing national and international transparency standards and are externally audited.

At the national level, the rendering of accounts signed by a certified accountant are submitted bimonthly to State agencies, and at the international level, the externally audited accounting reports are submitted every six months.

How we fund ourselves

How our funds are distributed

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