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Institutional Area

Volunteer work

The volunteer area intends to promote a meeting space between the Borro Neighbourhood Ecumenical Work community and national and international volunteers. It aims at making the work of the institution visible in other cultures and at being enriched by their contribution.


The Oebb has been working with these volunteers for years, contributing to the work with children, adolescents, women and families of the community who participate in the different programs.


This area works based on a communication strategy that shows the practices carried out by the Oebb in the search for social justice, providing spreading channels that make it possible to share and replicate positive experiences that contribute to the demystification of stereotypes that consolidate inequality. It works building an institutional image that shows the practices of those who are part of the institution.


Keepin’ it REAL

This project aims at delaying or preventing the onset of drug use in adolescents and pre-adolescents, through the development of different social skills. It is managed by the Oebb and the University of Arizona (USA) through the “SIRC”.


The implementation of the project has been supported by different public organizations, such as the National and Departmental Drug Board and the Primary and Secondary Education Council.


This project seeks the cultural adaptation, application and evaluation of the drug use prevention program "Keep it Real" in educational centres in Uruguay. It is a worldwide reference program since it is widely validated internationally as a universal strategy for the prevention of drug use.

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